Smoot Family Chiropractic serves 1000th customer

1000 Thank Yous

You read it right, Smoot Family Chiropractic has served its 1000th customer in the Salinas Valley! We are both humbled and proud that 1000 different individuals have allowed us to be a part of their plan for a healthier life, and the lives of their families. We are doubly proud to say that we hit this milestone in our first 5 years!

We will celebrate this achievement with great gratitude for each and every customer and for their ongoing support and constant stream of referrals. There are many Chiropractors in Salinas, and we deeply appreciate you choosing us. We definitely would not be able to be where we are without you.

Here’s to the next 1000

As we gaze towards the future, we will continue to offer friendly service tailored to the needs of our customers. We genuinely care for our customers’ well being, and plan to do our best to spread the message of good health to the residents of Salinas. We look forward to a healthier Salinas, and we look forward to the next 1000 customers.

From the bottom of our hearts; Thank You!

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