My doctor told me to visit the emergency room

Dr. Smoot is a down to earth super friendly doctor who is very knowledgeable. I had a problem with a pinched nerve around my neck and shoulder area that was giving me some headaches and made my head feel like it was on fire! My primary doctor didn’t have time for me and told me to visit the emergency room.

“Now, 4 weeks later, I feel GREAT!”

That’s when I randomly called Dr. Smoot for his hours, and walked in without an appointment. We did the initial visit where he explained the healing process and took some X-Rays. The following visit was my first adjustment and I felt a difference right away. 2 weeks after starting I felt not just back to normal, but better then before.

Now, 4 weeks later, I feel GREAT! I literally went in for my headaches and came out with no headaches AND no back pain!

I am sure glad my primary doctor didn’t have the time for me because that allowed me to visit Dr. Smoot and enabled my body to heal the natural way.

-Eddy Ramirez

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