Fourteen Dollars says I love you

This year fourteen dollars can help you show your valentine you care for them. February is the month when we show our love to the people we care for. This year Smoot Family Chiropractic invites you to raise the bar and show your Valentine that you both love them AND want them to live pain free. For the ENTIRE month of February, new patient consultation exams and X-rays are just fourteen dollars ($14) at Smoot Family Chiropractic.

I like fourteen dollars, but Who is this for?

What says ‘I love You’ more than showing concern about your loved one’s health? Still, you may be wondering, how do you know if your loved one would appreciate a visit to a friendly Salinas chiropractor?

Ask yourself this:

  • Does the person you care for have an achy back or achy neck?
  • Does your Valentine suffer from chronic pain or headaches?
  • Does your better half wake up stiff and in pain in the morning?
  • Is the person you adore already into health and fitness but is sometimes extra sore from their exercise routine?
  • Do you want your Valentine to live as pain free as possible?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then we think this year you should tell your Valentine, “I love you so much that I am taking you to see the caring folks at Smoot Family Chiropractic!”

Spread the love

We realize that you probably have more than one person you care for in your life and it would be hard to pack them all up into your car this February 14th. That’s why we decided to extend the offer for the entire month of February! That’s right, this February, all 28 days, any new patient can receive an initial consultation and x-rays for $14! Thats right, fourteen dollars!! That’s less than a box of chocolates and if you ask us, it’s more romantic too.

If you have any questions or want to make an appointment, please use our form or give us a call at (831)751-3939. We look forward to seeing you this February at your friendly salinas chiropractor, Smoot Family Chiropractic.

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