I could hardly sleep at night

Cuando yo fui al quiropractico tenía mucho dolor no me podía sentar bien casi no podía caminar todo era muy difícil para mi. Me lastime de una forma que ni siquiera podía dormir. Fui con alguien que me sobara pero en lugar de mejorar empeore. El Día que vi su anuncio no lo pensé 2 veces llame y me fui enseguida al consultorio.

“Sigo dandome cuenta de todo lo que me ayuda el tratamiento.”

Ese mismo día me atendieron y fueron amigables conmigo y ese día me sacaron radiografías. Al día siguiente yo sabia que era mi problema y el doctor me hablo del tratamiento a seguir y no lo dude y ahora a casi 2 meses de haberme lastimado ya estoy de nuevo trabajando y haciendo mi vida normal. Sigo dandome cuenta de todo lo que me ayuda el tratamiento. Espero que muchos que se sienten como yo me sentía encuentren a alguien que les diga que pueden estar bien sin dolor y hacer su vida normal como yo lo estoy haciendo ahora.

English Version

When I first went to the Chiropractor, I was experiencing a lot pain. I could not sit down properly, and I could barely walk. Everything was very hard to do, since I hurt a lot. When It got to the point that I could hardly even sleep at night, I decided to go get massaged, but instead of getting better, I got worse. The day that I saw Dr. Smoot’s advertisement, I did not think twice about calling in.

“I am still realizing how much Dr. Smoot’s treatment has helped in my well-being.”

I was scheduled in that same day. They treated me in a very friendly matter, and they proceeded to find out the reason I was suffering by taking x-rays. On my next appointment, I knew exactly what was going wrong in my body. Dr. Smoot talked to me about treatment, and I did not doubt him for one second. It has been about two months since I hurt myself, and now I am back to work and back to my normal life. I am still realizing how much Dr. Smoot’s treatment has helped in my well-being. I hope that all the people that now feel like I felt before find someone that makes them realize that they can live a healthy, normal life without feeling pain- just like I am doing now!


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