I suffered from a car accident in 2013

smoot-chiropractic-testimonialBefore visiting the office of Dr. Smoot I suffered from a car accident in 2013. From that accident on, I was suffering from chronic back pain in my upper, middle and lower back. Along with a very bad knee pain that would bother me daily. I was suffering with this pain for over two years already. I was seeing another chiropractor, but I wasn’t seen any help as I was feeling the same with pain every day. I would control my pain with Advil and Ibuprofen and sometimes homemade remedies, but that would only work for a few hours and the rest of the day or night the pain would continue. I wasn’t sleeping very and always feeling so tired.

I met Dr. Smoot at a Family Health Fair in Salinas. The first day I walked into his office, the receptionist was so friendly and the way they greeted me made me feel welcomed. By just seeing them smile every day when you step into the office you know they love their job. As for Dr. Smoot he is really professional and friendly. His mission is to make you feel better, improve your health and educate you to prevent any further illness.

The first step to my consultation was explained by an overview of the visit with a video. Along with that was an evaluation to see where my pain was and how strong I had it. After that Dr. Smoot educated me on the importance of the back and how to care for it. He explained how it’s connected to the rest of your body and showed me parts of the bones and nerves of the back, He took x-rays and explained my issues and let me know I was in stage 2. Next we went over a care plan and the necessary steps to help me improve so I can get back to feeling better and be able to enjoy life without backaches.

Since I was struggling with these issues for years, I went ahead and took the risk and now it has been the best decision I could’ve made. Before the car accident I use to enjoy daily hobbies such as running and playing softball. Having back and knee pain was interfering with me my walking, running, and any stretch would cause me bad pain in my knees and I wasn’t able to stand up for a long time neither.

Now that I have been feeling better I have been running little by little and I’ve been able to feel no pain in my knees and my back feels great. As for my improvement I feel satisfied because I’m feeling great with hardly any pain in my upper, middle or lower back and no pain in my knee so far. I have been improving my back issues really rapidly in a way that I am able to enjoy my days with no pain. I recommend Dr. Smoot has improved my health conditions. I can pretty much say he’s amazing and he truly cares about your health. There’s no other chiropractor that will make you feel great!

– Maria


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