They couldn’t find anything wrong with me

About a year ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with a strange pressure in my forehead. I tried to ignore it but as the hours passed by, I felt worse and worse. The next morning I woke up feeling extremely dizzy……so dizzy that it was hard to walk. I went to the doctor and without physically checking me, he told me I had vertigo and that it would go away on its own.

“I saw four neurologists in the four months to follow.”

Two weeks later I ended up in another doctor’s office. He told me that I had ear disbalance and since he couldn’t do much for me, he sent me with an ear specialist. After a month of waiting for an appointment, I finally saw the ear specialist only for him to tell me that ears were fine and that I needed to see a neurologist. I saw four neurologists in the four months to follow. I had a CAT scan, MRI, and MRA done, but they still couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

Once I was assured that my brain was fine. I went to see a head, neck, and shoulder specialist. He checked my ears, told me I was fine, he told me I needed to see a psychologist because my problem was mental. He said I was too young to have anything serious. I ignored him and decided to get checked by another doctor in the same office. He noticed that my neck and left shoulder were very swollen and suggested that I get physical therapy.

Thankfully, I ended up in Dr. Smoot’s office. He not only treated me with utmost respect, but also explained that my swollen nerves and neck were causing my dizziness. After just a few weeks I already feel a great improvement. I will always be in debt with you Dr. Smoot, THANK YOU!!

— Jason Age: 20

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