Counter pills only gave temporary relief

Preventive medicine has been a standard in healthy maintenance for most of my life, especially in being a wife, mother and now a grandmother. Back pain had suddenly taken a curious turn in my lifestyle and I needed to seek treatment to correct it instead of relying on over the counter pills which only gave temporary relief. Laying on my side in my 3 year old bed became too painful and my sleep was disturbed. I thought the bed needed to be replaced.

“Sleeping peacefully has been restored..”

After having an initial thorough medical exam by my primary care doctor, I was told I was in the throws of post menopausal bone density loss to a small degree. Along with bone density loss, I had been an athlete in my teen years, mostly active as a gymnast. I, without a doubt, suffered a huge amount of bumps, bruises, and crashes, but never bone fractures or breakage.

Armed with that history, I sought Dr Brian Smoot’s chiropractic expertise recently. Immediate diagnosis was made with my immediate okay to resolve my condition then took place. It was after the 2nd back adjustment I realized that I no longer wanted to get rid of my 3 year old bed. Sleeping peacefully has been restored, although, I still have months of therapy to undo the decades of injury I have caused.

Dr. Smoot is knowledgeable in his craft, compassionate, and talks you through the process in a comforting level. Recommending him to anyone who speaks of their back aches will get his phone number immediately.


Marisa Wilson

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